Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Full-length ballet in 2 Acts
Commissioned by Grand Ballets Canadien de Montréal
Choreography by Cathy Marston
Music by Philip Feeney and Alexander Scriabin
Music Arranged by Philip Feeney
Performed by the orchestra of the Grand Ballets under the direction of conductor, Dina Gilbert.
World Premiere: Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Place des Arts, Montréal, 4th October 2018, with Éline Malegue and Raphaël Bouchard in the title roles.

Philip Feeney’s score for Lady Chatterley’s Lover is built around extracts from Scriabin’s piano music which form the Romantic spine of the work. They are intricately woven into the texture of the work, complementing’s Feeney’s own music that vividly depicts the social and industrial context against which the narrative is played out.

Extracts from the following works by Scriabin that are woven into Feeney’s score:

Act 1
Canon in D minor
3 Études pour piano, op.65 no.1
24 Préludes, Op.11 no. 15
Nocturne, Op.9 no. 2
Sonata no.4, Op.30
12 Études, op.8 no.7
Impromptu, op. 12, no.2.
Études, op.8, no.12.

Act 2
Five Preludes, Op.74 no.1 and 2
Nocturne, Op.9 no. 1
24 Préludes, Op.11 no. 15
Prelude no.2, op. 59, no.2
Études, op.8, no.12, alternative version