Lunar Shadows

Electronic soundscore.
Duration 56’
Choreography by Quang Kien Van
Designs by Ruta Irbite
First Performance Greenwich Dance November 2016.

Lunar Shadows is what the choreographer calls an ‘unruly union’ of two earlier collaborations with composer, Philip Feeney, Patient 319 and Lunar Orbits.

This marriage of the mythological and cosmological in Lunar Orbits with the disturbing quality similar to a psycho- thriller which we find in Lunar Orbits, is an ingenious notion, contrasting the metaphysical with the physical in one piece.

The music’s scope completely reflects this breadth of vision, ranging from the atmospheric, translucent and spatial to music that is taut and intense with flashes of the everyday – indeed there are snatches of The Girl from Iponema at one point. This is all about identity and how it can be seen to shift.