Repetition (2) Change

For live piano and pre-recorded track
Duration 12’
Choreography by Sharon Watson
First Performed at the EM Forster Theatre, Tonbridge, March 2016
Artistic Director Sharon Watson’s powerful choreography, Repetition of Change, explores the extraordinary and complex world of DNA. It was premiered in 2013 by Pheonix Dance Theatre to a specially commissioned score by Kenneth Hesketh.

In the autumn of 2015, Ballet Central was lucky enough to be allowed to do a section of it, and Watson decided to rework it with a new score by Philip Feeney. Because both choreographer and composer were snowed under by other work, they were never actually able to work together. The choreography was taught in its entirety before the music was written, with just musical sketches sent to the choreographer in exchanged emails.

However the collaboration proved totally successful; the effect was extremely powerful and very effective. Feeney’s score found the relentlessness and the change rich in Watson’s choreography, in delays, space and echoes and the monumental chords that bounce away into history. The music followed the shape and structure of the choreography, but not rigidly giving both room to breathe.