The Spirits of Sarras (1989)

Duration 45’
Synthesizer score.
Norfolk Dance Association
Concept and choreography: Michael Pink
First performed at the Theatre Royal, Norwich.

The Spirits of Sarras was created as a showpiece of the 1989 Norfolk Dance Association’s summer course, run by David and Ilse Chant. Michael Pink’s fabulously vivid sci fi romp was filled with all kinds of technical wizardry, even including a spaceship. The piece was structured so that children of different ages could contribute a section within their class groups, with dancers from Ballet Central contributing both choreography and performance.

As an end of course performance it was supremely ambitious, but exciting and inspiring for all the young people to be a part of. The music was composed using a Roland D550, and recorded at the Audio-visual department of the Place in London. Much use was made of sound effects and delays to create a space age atmosphere, and the piano sound was a fairly grungey internal keyboard piano patch, normally avoided, but entirely appropriate for the piece.