The Suit

One Act Ballet by Cathy Marston
Commissioned by Ballet Black
Design: Jane Heather
Composed score and compilation of recorded music
World Premiere: 15th March 2018. The Barbican Theatre, London

Cathy Marston’s Ballet, The Suit, is based on the fable by South African author, Can Themba. The score is a compilation score, comprising works played the Kronos Quartet, threaded throughout by Feeney’s dispassionate and schematic Keyboard Timelines, which acts as a continual thread upon which other musical extracts hang.

The Suit – Musical Extracts:
Philip Feeney: Keyboard Timelines
Kevin Volans/Kronos: White Man Sleeps
Osvaldo Golijov/Kronos: Cancoa Verdes Anos
Juan Garcia Esquivel/Kronos: Mini Skirt
Ariel Guzik/Kronos: Plasmaht
Kronos: Morango, almost a tango
Kronos: Lonely woman
Margarita Leuona/Kronos: Tabu